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Home Groan Games are a fledgling game developer currently comprised of approximately 1.6 team-members based in Bristol, UK.Tell us about your company.

Thomas Innes is the experienced indie software developer behind Tinnes Software and Desktop Calendar, now finally giving in to his long-standing passion for computer games. In Home Groan Games he's the full-time programmer, graphic artist, sound technician, level designer, voice actor and any other odd-job you care to think of.

Joseph Salter is currently a full-time bookseller by day, but when the moon is phat his attentions turn to game design, 2D and 3D art, wordsmithing, level design and frowning at incomprehensible business start-up guides written by Delphian wizards.

Tom and Joe have shared an enduring penchant for PC gaming since the early 90's and also the occasional wary dalliances with console-boxes. Throughout their adventures they've gibbed shamblers, frozen hamsters, built empires, cauterised stormtroopers, torched zombies, kicked tigers, slowed time, placed blocks, chased mimes around Paris, hacked supercomputers and capped innumerable flags, but now they're ready to add their own creations to the gaming landscape -- preferably involving top hats.

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